Friday, May 30, 2008

Wrap Up

I realized a few days ago that May was a very, very busy month for me and I did a mess of stuff. But I forgot to write anything about any of it. So here is my wrap up of May.

My friend and I took the bus up to New York City for a girl weekend. We stayed with my cousin in Brooklyn and had a great time. We shopped on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. I bought these AWESOME pink shoes at Catbird, I know that doesn't sound cool, but believe me they are the hottest shoes I own. Plus the store was super cute. I also bought a very cute top at Pema.
Then we saw a comedy show and ate at a Thai place that night, so of course I got to wear my new clothes! Our second day in the city we went to the Brooklyn Museum and the Botanical Gardens. They were having their cherry blossom festival, so it was a good day for people watching and the weather was beautiful.

I also went to see a few shows. The new Shakespeare Theater had Anthony and Cleopatra, so I went to that after work on day with my friend. The play was good and we had a good time, but I think the highlight to the evening was just seeing the new theater. It was beautiful.
A friend and I also went to the Flight of the Conchords show.... funniest thing I've seen is a long time. I have such a huge crush on those boys! I don't know if it their nerdiness, their music, their jokes or their accents that I like the best, but I'm such a Brettrosexual and a bit of a Jermaniac. If you have never seen them and have no idea what I'm talking about... Google them! They are HILARIOUS!!
I did a few other things this month, but those were definitely the top three.


Nicole said...

Heath, I LOVE Flight of the Conchords! Ryan's little brother introduced us this winter... actually, I think he and his friends are distant relatives of those guys. The similarities are scary.

Anonymous said...

you goose! you were in my neighborhood and i didnt even know it!!


HLW said...

Sorry Bri! I totally forgot! Plus I don't have your email address or anything. Next time we will have to hang out.