Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok People!

I'm sort of getting burnt out on blogging, at least about everyday life. So I think I've decided to mostly leave this blog for when I have trips or am planning trips or doing fabulous things... you know stuff like that ;-) At the moment, I'm working and spending time with my boyfriend. Which by the way is a new development since the beginning of the summer. So... I kind of have nothing else to blog about.

My family went to Bethany Beach a week ago for our summer vacation. It was awesome and relaxing and way too short. But blogging about that would read something like this: Day 1 - Beach, Day 2 - Beach, Day 3 - Beach, and so on.... not extremely riveting. I did get a suggestion to write a food blog about going out to restaurants. So we will see, I'll keep you posted... you know since I have so many readers!

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Nicole said...

I read you, Heath! I promise I do!