Friday, May 4, 2007


In the past month or so I have been reminded by a bit of my childhood on more than one occasion. It is a slightly funny coincidence, but my life is full of those.

Chatting with some cute Australian boys in London at a posh Hyatt piano bar on St. Patrick's Day, as you do. We were wondering why we had ended up there. But all being good sports, we decided to have at least one drink before we moved on to a possibly cheaper place. Then the subject of old songs from the 80's came up. I can't exactly remember why, but it did. One of the Australian boys brought up the theme song to the Greatest American Hero and decided to ask the piano player to play it. The piano player didn't know it, so they compromised on Tiny Dancer which was equally as funny.

Later during the same trip, I was walking through the airport, on my way to pick up my luggage and believe it or not that song was playing over the intercom. It made me smile and wish my trip was starting instead of ending.

Grocery shopping a month ago, I heard that song again. It isn't that rare of a song but I hadn't heard it since I was around ten years old, so three times in a month seemed pretty weird. Then on the way into work this week, my favorite morning talk show had Believe It or Not playing in the background. So I'm thinking it is the theme song for this spring in the soundtrack of my life.


Sarah Lynn Photography said...

You know, I think I heard rumors of a movie!

HLW said...

That would be hilarious! I barely remember the show, just the part in the beginning where he falls out of the barn and then all his suit issues.