Monday, April 30, 2007

Irish Times

Saturday, I went to the Celtic Festival near my parent's house in Maryland. It was country, but it was fun. We ate a lot... funnel cakes, turkey legs, meat pies, ice cream, fish and chips and gyros! Because everyone knows that the great Celtic traditions in the highlands began in Greece... yeah right, that is the connection. I didn't eat all of those things, but I did indulge a bit more than I probably should have. But it was a nice day and the food was tasty. Today though, I'm feeling pretty chubby and like I should exercise. My problem is though that I'm lazy and unmotivated, so even though I say I need to do this, I know myself and I know I probably won't. There is one thing though, I probably will never have this problem.


ADD said...

That article is fascinating! I wish that sort of info got more exposure...being that thin is NOT NATURAL. Your body fights it with everything it can. Curves are where it's at, baby!! Long live the big dinner w/ ice cream chaser! :)

HLW said...

Hip Hip Hooray! That is for sure and I can tell you right now I am completely natural!