Sunday, December 9, 2007

Getting rid of the Winter Blues

Ever since the weather has cooled down I've been sort of in a little funk. I guess everyone suffers a bit from that. So instead of sitting around watching too much TV and eating my way through the winter. I decided to try and get out of my apartment and be social, going to as many holiday parties or outings as possible. Also my friend talked me into joining her gym so that we could start working out together.

About a week ago we went to our first class. It was called BLAH, for Butt, Legs, Abs and Hips. I said that it really stood for how you would feel after the class.... which was very accurate. The trainer was intent on making us hurt, which is good for getting me in shape but sucks while you are working out. The last thing you want to hear the instructor say after the first set of an exercise is "you guys don't seem to be in pain, let's do more reps of that one!" YUCK! BLAH!

So here is my super embarrassing moment from the first BLAH class. It was an aerobic class and we used a mat, a weighted bar and a step. Within the first ten minutes of class we were doing some exercises on the step. I guess my legs weren't used to all the stepping or something. Halfway through the one step exercise I totally fell. I didn't just stumble or catch myself before falling. I completely fell on my butt! There were only seven people in the class and everyone was facing my direction, so everyone saw me. It was retarded! I just got up, finished the class, and tried not to feel too stupid. It isn't like I haven't fallen before in public, so I guess I should be used to it. Oh well! I made some friends right away since we all had a laugh about that.

Now I'm working out on a regular basis (it has only been a week or so) and I think I've gotten out of the funk. And hopefully getting into shape.


Mistress Kitten said...

First, watch out for those steps. They can be dangerous! Second, I am sorry I have been so bad about responding to your comments so - I would LOVE to hang out sometime. Let's discuss. OH, and thanks for the vote of confidence on OFB!!!

Emma said...

I am so impressed that you work out to defunkify yourself. I wish I dealt with my blahs that way. I do not, sadly.

HLW said...

This is only a new development. I definitely used to deal with "The Funks" by spending time with Ben & Jerry. But I'm really trying to be motivated, plus I think having a friend with you helps.

Bas and Lena said...

If it makes you feel any better, the last time I was in a yoga class (in Alexandria, btw) I got completely twisted up like a pretzel and fell over. It wouldn't have been a problem except my friend across the room happened to look up at precisely the moment it happened...and burst into hysterical laughter. Somehow, that broke the zen of the moment because even the instructor lost it for a while...Great to hear from you and I hope we can connect more soon!

FLkelli said...

I say bravo to you for actually joining a gym!
A lot of people are lazy (like me) and lack motivation (also me).
You'll be in shape in no time!