Monday, January 21, 2008

Bonita Miami

I'm back home to chilly DC and missing Miami already. We arrived Thursday night and the weather was such a wonderful change. Thursday morning in DC the snow started, so I was a little worried about actually getting to start my weekend getaway. But I escaped the cold and just in time.

Friday it was 80 degrees and we headed to South Beach. We had a great lunch at the Beacon and watched all the beautiful people walking by. Friday night we had dinner at Sushi Samba, a cool place on Lincoln Road, and then did a little salsa dancing at Salsa Mia at Yuca. The people there (not me) even did that awesome Cuban Rueda dance like from that movie Dance With Me. Is that retarded that I just admitted that I've watched that movie? More than once? oh well, guess I'm a nerd. Check out their site, they have video clips of everyone dancing. It is the same club that Giada De Laurentiis went to on her Weekend Getaway show, pretty cool!

Saturday was also a sunny day, not 80 but still nice. The girls and I had a spa day after a luxurious breakfast. Then we ended up doing some shopping and having dinner at a Nicaraguan restaurant in Miami Lakes.

Sunday was a bit rainy and chilly, but my friend and I went to South Beach again to walk around and look at all the hotels. The Art Deco Festival was going on along Ocean Drive, so there were street performers and booths selling crafts. But we just focused on the hotels and buildings. My friend is an architect and had never been to Miami before, so she was very excited about looking at and inside all the hotels. We ended up eating lunch at Wish, which was fabulous, and just generally enjoyed the sites. We ended the day with going back to our friend's place and hanging out with her Colombian family.

It was a great time and a good way to warm up during one of the coldest weeks this winter.

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wanderlost said...

That's really cool!! I'm glad you had a good time! :)
(And you're not that retarded. They also did the Rueda in that movie From Justin to Kelly, which is even cheesier than Dance with Me. You're safe)

Love- Kelli