Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In Need of a Little Advice

In the past few weeks I have obtained a slight dilemma, which I can't decide on how to handle. So I'm hoping that the few people who read my blog might be able to help me out. Here it is:

I received a phone call (voicemail) from a person I used to be friends with about five or six years ago when we used to work together. She was a bit crazy when I knew her, but she was one of the only other girls at work and we bonded. We had good times and we had some bad times. Not between us, but rather because of her I was put in some bizarre and possibly dangerous situations. They weren't all really dangerous except for the time I thought I would be a good girl friend and help her move her stuff out of her apartment she shared with her fiancee.... he came home, words were exchanged and the next thing I know I'm explaining to the police why we shouldn't be questioned. If it hadn't been for me not being a raving lunatic, my "friend" would have gone to the police station.

OK, so that was an extreme situation, but you get the point. I got a new job and we drifted apart. I felt bad and ended up hanging out with her one more time a year or so after that. It wasn't horrible but she mentioned something about me getting fat since the last time she had seen me. I don't think I'm a super vain person, but that hurt and I didn't really feel like I should go out of my way to hang out with her.
So now, three or four years later I get a random voicemail from her seeing how I'm doing. I didn't know what to do and hadn't called her back. Then about a week later she called me again. I'm torn. On one hand I feel like she is reaching out and honestly checking in to see how I have been. But on the other hand, she could just be calling me so that I could possibly get her out something and using me.

What should I do??


bloomdl said...

I wouldn't return her calls. She may have changed but if she hasn't, do you really want more drama in your life? And she sounds like she has low self esteem and needs to put people down so she can feel better about herself. Again, not something you should have to deal with. Don't think you're being harsh or mean by not calling her. She will find others to deal with her particular brand of crazy. You deserve to surround yourself with kind, generous, supportive friends!

HLW said...

Thanks Danni! You are definitely one of my most kind, generous and supportive friends. I agree with not calling her. The last I heard she was into drugs.... I do not need to deal with that!