Thursday, March 20, 2008

Congrats Cous!

I returned home Tuesday after being in Oregon for a week. My cousin got married to his longtime girlfriend in Portland and we all partied hard. It was such a West Coast affair, three minute ceremony and hours of dancing. Pretty Nice.

My trip started in Portland. My sister and I had to wait for my other sister's flight to come in. So we had plenty of time to explore Portland. First we had lunch at Kell's Irish Pub, since it wouldn't really be Saint Patty's Day without going to one. We went to the Chinese Garden on a tip from our waiter. What a cool place! Then we drove around a bit and found Pittock Mansion, it was incredibly beautiful. Before we headed back to the airport, we ended the evening at Powell's Bookstore. I even got to go to a book reading by Joshilyn Jackson (The Girl Who Stopped Swimming) she was very cool, I bought her book and I will have to post later about what I think.

Day one in Oregon was pretty packed. Day two was much more laid back. We got into Eugene super late the night before, so we slept in as long as possible. Than we got to hang out with the family, see my uncle's new home and try to stay warm during all the rain.

We headed back to Portland the next day and got to see the place where the wedding would be, McMenamins Edgefield. It was a crazy, cool place. We had the rehearsal dinner and the wedding there. They had a winery, brewery, golf course, distillery, pubs, restaurants, spa and pool hall there. I got myself over to the spa for a pedicure, it was the nicest pedicure I have ever had!!

Not only did my toes look great, but I had a glass of wine and a nice setting to top it off. I'll finish up my trip and post pictures next post, since this is getting a bit long.

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