Thursday, September 11, 2008

Decisions Decisions

Going through my finances and looking at apartments, has made me also think about possibly buying a condo. I found out I could afford it, but only after I save for a few months. Now I have to decide, do I want to move right away into an apartment and continually pay rent until maybe years from now when I might have saved enough money to buy a place? OR do I want to stay in my current windowless apartment which is not as close to the city as I would like, but save up a good amount of money so that possibly if the market stays good for buyers I could buy a condo?

Here is my Pros and Cons list:

Get to move now
Won't have to fix things myself
Could have cool amenities
Could change places after a year

Have to pack now
Rent could raise
Could have insects
Could have weird neighbors
Landlord might stink, not actually smell just be horrible

Can paint it
Can hang things on the wall
Could redecorate
Could upgrade appliances
Hopefully Dishwasher
Hopefully Washer/Dryer
Would get a tax break
Feel grown up (not sure if this is pro or con)
Could make some money when I sell it
Good investment?

Have to Paint it
Might have to do some work
Could lose money when sold
Condo association
Condo fees
Have to fix things when they break

My lists aren't done, so far I'm no closer to a decision. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks!

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