Monday, August 24, 2009

So Much has Happened!

I haven't posted in a long time and I guess it was because I was so busy. My sister got married in May, I was in her wedding which was beautiful. I went to Turkey, my first Muslim country ever. Then I went to Italy and took Ryan with me for his birthday. Here is what Ryan wrote about the trip:

A Little City Called Rome and Something Shiny
A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend Heather found out she would be headed to Rome, Italy for work. Knowing that my birthday was on the 11th of July, she invited me to come along with her. The plan was that we’d be able to spend time together when she wasn’t working during the day, and also tack on a couple of extra vacation days at the end of her trip.

When I realized the trip was actually going to happen, I knew it was my chance to do something really big. I mean, really BIG!

You see, Rome is Heather’s favorite place in the world. The architecture, the people, the food ... it is all amazing ... While living in Rome as an undergraduate, Heather learned Italian and fell in love with the Eternal City. I figured there would be no better place to surprise her.

Earlier in the week, we had visited Villa Borghese (Rome’s Central Park). We happened upon the most romantic restaurant I have ever encountered. Nestled away in the park, overlooking Rome and the Vatican City from it’s terrace, the Casina Valadier provides the most breathtaking view from your table (and amazing food!) “This will be perfect.” I thought to myself.

Since we were absolutely exhausted from spending the 11th at a Mediterranean beach (I know, tough life, right?), we decided to switch our reservations for the evening of the 12th for the celebratory dinner.

I must have checked my suit jacket one hundred times on the way over to the restaurant that evening, making sure my "gift" was secure.

We arrived at the restaurant just as the sun was setting behind the Roman skyline. Beautiful.

I made extra effort to make Heather think that my reason for ordering champagne once we were seated was to celebrate my birthday. Shortly after toasting my 32nd birthday, I took Heather’s hand into mine. I looked into her beautiful, blue eyes, and began telling her how much she meant to me …

Shortly thereafter, I was on bended knee, ring extended; my heart open.


We’re engaged!

We spent the rest of the dinner taking in the view and talking about the rest of our lives together.

After dinner, we walked over to the Spanish Steps. There in the Piazza di Spagna, a horse and carriage awaited us for a tour of Rome under the moonlight.

We tossed coins into the Trevi fountain, vowing to return to our favorite place in the world, which now has a deeper, stronger meaning to both of us.

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The ter Laares said...

Hey lady, congratulations! I just happened on your blog and was thrilled to hear the good news. And what an amazing story!

Sending big hugs and smiles your way -- marriage is a lot of fun (and just wait until you have a kiddo!)

Love, Lena (and Bas and Zander)