Sunday, November 4, 2007

Last Day - Cape Town

My last day in Cape Town was pretty relaxed, we were still recovering from the sun burn. So stupid to not put on sun block! We shopped around town and I tried to make sure that I bought enough gifts and souvenirs. I know I'll never forget this trip, but I still needed to have tangible reminders.

Friday night we started off the evening with a picnic on the beach in Camps Bay. Some of Sara and Mattias' friends and a bunch of other people got together to enjoy the sunset... only problem was it was too cloudy to see the sun. But we had a good time with food, wine, volleyball and fireworks. The fireworks were someone else's but it seemed to be perfectly planned.

We then headed into town for dinner, I wasn't really hungry at this point but we had plans. We went to a place called Hayko or something like that. It was a very nice Japanese tapas place, I know that sounds silly but that is how it was explained to me. After dinner we went for drinks at Bang Bang and then a few other places. Since it was my last night in Cape Town and another friend of the group's first night we really celebrated. I felt like I had truly one of the best vacations ever and everyone was so nice to me... not just my friends.


Anonymous said...

Our hero faced down sharks, charmed cheetahs and explored the mysteries of Japanese tapas, but now she'll face her greatest challenge yet: returning home with sunburn, to find her beloved District in the midst of…
The Return of Scarf Weather!
Next time on, Riding on the Metro ;)

HLW said...

That is AWESOME! hilarious. Sadly I already broke out the winter coat and feel like I'm getting a cold. Wearing sweaters with a sunburn is not fun.