Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Looking back

Now that I have had sufficient time to recover from my jet lag, I find myself in the post vacation blues. I am still half packed from my trip (completely sad and disgusting I know, but I did have a weekend trip to Chicago in there), peeling from my sunburn, showing people pictures, handing out souvenirs and telling stories. But my trip is over and I'm back to work, sitting at my desk and starting to get pale from the lack of sun and fluorescent lights. Don't cry for me, I know I just got back from vacation while most everyone else was stuck at work or at home.

Looking back on my vacation I realize that I not only had a great time, but I still have a lot of things I need to see in Cape Town. I did not climb up Table Mountain, didn't go to Robbin Island, didn't go to a Township, didn't drive down the Garden Route or go to a big reserve for a better safari experience. So I guess I now have some things on my list for my next visit.

I did, however, get from my vacation in Cape Town loads of memories, new friends and time with an old friend. Which, to me, is better than any walk up a mountain or a prison (no offense, Mr. Mandela). I feel truly blessed to have friends who are willing to take me into their homes and lives for two weeks, feed me, drive me around, and give me a trip I will never forget.

Thanks Sara and Mattias!

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