Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bad Day

Quite possibly today I was already annoyed from things at work, but I felt like people on the metro were more of a pain in my behind than usual. It all started on my way home from work. I was waiting on the platform... like everyone else. I had even let one green line train (my line) go by because there were way too many people rushing for the door. So I wasn't in any sort of mad rush. I mean, I like to get home, but I have the ability to wait 2 minutes for the next train rather than pushing my way onto an already packed train.

OK, so I'm on the platform in the spot that I always stand in because I know the door will be close when the train pulls up. (that possibly makes me sound crazy, but I just ride the metro too much and I have a routine) I'm standing on the platform as close as I feel is humanly possible without being hit by the train. The train pulls up and the door lands practically right in front of me. I take one step closer to the train, so that now I could touch the train if I put my arm out in front of me. I'm on the side of the door (to be curious to the people who are exiting the train) and some crazy, pushing woman slides in front of me, right in between my body and the train!

I don't know what she thought I was doing standing on a train platform, waiting for my train and stepping closer to my train. But apparently to exhibit my intentions, I should have been kissing the train! Sorry I wasn't obvious enough for you!

What is with all the rude people? Next time, I think I will say something... or I will just stretch my arm out in front of me and clothesline someone..... or I will push them onto the tracks and ask them if that got them close enough to the train!

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Melissa said...

That's how a lot of people here in Chicago are. It always annoys me too. Everyone is always in such a rush these days.