Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Boys and Ice Cream

I went hiking with my friend, Hillary, over the weekend in Harpers Ferry. Which, I have to say made me feel good that we were exercising. As we were walking and getting our exercise we chatted about boys, like girls tend to do. We were mainly discussing our frustration over others’ perception of our situation as single women currently not dating anyone, mostly since our other friend referred to us as desperate.

Hillary and I both decided that they were nuts, because we are both far from desperate. I’m perfectly fine with my life and doing my own thing and not dating anyone…. It would be nice, but I don’t NEED it. Which leads me to my new theory on boys, it is really an old theory but with a new analogy.

Boys are like ice cream cones…. I like ice cream, I think ice cream cones are great, I usually enjoy any ice cream cone I have, but I don’t NEED them. I can survive just fine without ever having another ice cream cone again, maybe I wouldn’t have the fun that eating ice cream brings me, but I would be fine. Also, ice cream cones aren’t really good for you (at least not if you are watching your figure), but they sure are tasty!

So to sum up, I enjoy ice cream and I enjoy boys. I probably won’t stop eating ice cream cones anytime soon, just like I probably won’t stop dating boys (especially the “tasty” ones) anytime soon. I know that some boys are just tasty treats that I might regret shortly after being with one, but it doesn’t mean that I probably wouldn’t enjoy a snack. So I’m probably not going to stop sampling the flavors! That doesn’t mean that I don’t have my favorites, the flavor I go to that will always make me happy (for me it is Chocolate Chip Mint). And for boys, I hope that one day I have that one guy “my favorite.” But for the mean time, I’m still looking and now I’m really hungry for an ice cream cone.


ADD said...


And whoever called you desperate needs to shut the hell up.

HLW said...

thank you very much :-) and it was a boy... go figure.

I hope I didn't sounds like I enjoy eating men as snacks, I just thought the connection was funny. Plus I thought it was a good illustration of how I view my time in between actual boyfriends.

Emma said...

Why is everybody HIKING? Am I the only one sitting at home stuffing my face with Reese's cups and talking on the phone? I mean, what? I said nothing.
Zees post ees FAAABULOUS, daaahling. Men are ice cream cones and ve are ze ice cream buyers.

HLW said...

oh, I love your french accent! I am not a hiker, I'm usually sitting at home and doing all that. I just happen to have more active friends and I felt like I should get my behind off the couch for once :-)