Friday, August 3, 2007

Grade School Mentality

Recently, in the last few weeks, I've come to the conclusion that boys in general are sort of stupid. I don't mean any offense to the male population, so I'm sorry if my theory is completely unfounded. But seriously, what does a girl have to do to get what she wants?

I like boys, despite my previous statement. I even hope to some day find a boy and get married and maybe even have a family with that boy. But the last few weeks have really not helped the male cause, assuming that the male cause is to at some point find girls that want to be with them. My friend met a boy a few months ago in another state, despite the distance and possible complications from this boy's baggage, she decided to go out with him and they had a good time. Fast forward a month or so and this boy decides to come to town to visit my friend, things go well and all seems fairly good. Now the boy is back home, which apparently my friend is not sad about because in the course of a few months and only two "actual dates" (since visiting from out of town is sort of more than just a date) this boy has moved my friend from the "Nice girl to spend time with and possible girlfriend" category to the "I need to tell girl all my problems and life story Wife" category.

Don't get me wrong this boy is very nice and could have had more potential with my friend, but by freaking her out with too-much, too-soon he basically shot himself in the foot.

Now take my situation, an old "boyfriend" (and I'm using quotes here since we dated for six months but I never found out whether or not we were exclusive) of mine emails me out of the blue after I hadn't heard from him in over two years. He acts as though he is actually checking up on me and wrote his email as though he were trying to reconcile things between us, maybe not for future dates but possibly because he actually cared about me. I was touched by his apparent sincere in his email and wrote him back. We exchanged emails back and forth for a week or so, then he writes to me that he had a call from a high up guy at my work and how it was weird that we were emailing each other. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence, but then I thought maybe it isn't. Maybe he had applied for a job at my work and thought if I found out I would bad mouth him or something. I was a little disappointed, since I felt like if he knew me at all he would have known that I am not the type of person to sabotage another person's career over personal problems, especially over silly dating things.

So I decided to email this guy back, but to not address the work thing and just talk about the other things he had mentioned in his email. That was about two or three weeks ago and I haven't heard from him since.

I only mention this because it sort of annoys me that guys don't feel like they can be honest with us girls. I know there are a lot of crazy needy weird girls out there, so I sort of get trying to protect yourself. But seriously, if you are trying to get an ex or whatever to help you out with a job or something, just say that! Don't act as if you actually felt sorry about how things ended and say silly things about carrying things I have given you around everyday. That is just mean.

And for the boy I made out with the other week, why can't a girl just make out with a cute boy and possibly have the potential for a repeat in the future without the boy thinking you want more?


Emma said...

Boys really ARE stupid. But they overcome it by having good taste in music and smelling good and being cute. Oh God, I feel like such an Aerie Girl.

HLW said...

Doesn't that suck though, you can be so annoyed by them but also so very attracted to them.... oh well ;-)