Thursday, September 6, 2007

IOUS (Insect Of Unusual Size)

This morning I was getting ready for work and going through my normal routine. 1) Wake Up, 2) Go to Bathroom, 3) Make Coffee, 4) Feed Cats, 5) Take Shower, 6) Get Dressed and Put on Makeup, 7) Grab Coffee (maybe Lunch) and 8) Leave Apartment.

It was around #5 on my list of things I do in the morning that things went horribly wrong. I got into the shower and nearly had a heartattack! Now my apartment isn't in the ghetto, but it is also not in a building that anyone might call upscale or luxury living. I have seen a few bugs in the past six years since I moved into the building, but nothing quite prepared me for what I saw this morning.

In my shower, above the shower head, was a cock roach the size of a small animal! It seriously was bigger than any cock roach I have ever seen, even in the zoos. I should have probably found a jar and tried to make some money off the gross thing, but instead I screamed super loud and ran out of the shower. I then desperately searched for a shoe or something I could use as a weapon against my insect enemy. When I re-entered the bathroom, the beast was starting to move and I was so worried that it might fly towards me, land on my face and start trying to crawl into my brain! I think that was what it wanted to do, but I stopped him with my flip flop. I whacked him so hard that he fell to the floor and left a grotty bug gut mark on my wall that I then had to clean up.

But the day was saved and the cock roach is dead! And all I have to say is that if his family comes to my apartment tonight looking for him, they better leave my brain alone!

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Briana said...

i totally feel you on this one. this happened to me awhile ago (bedroom - not shower). i used almost an entire can of raid or lysol or something until he finally died and i had to keep my sister on the phone the whole time. i'm still traumatized.