Monday, February 18, 2008

Something else

So if my last post wasn't bizarre enough, here is something else to add to the story. For those not familiar with Missed Connections, on Craigslist you can post "ads" for people who you felt you had a connection with, but have no way of contacting them.

Last week when I got back to work, I was still amazed by the events of last Friday, so I was telling my girlfriends and my gay boyfriend all about that guy. Well, my one friend said he thought my situation sounded like something he had read on the Missed Connections. He told me what the ad said and I knew immediately it was for me. I would put the link up, but I just went to go check for it online and apparently Craigslist only holds the ads for up to a week. So here is what it said:

Had a blast chatting, dancing and laughing with you (and your friends) at the Rock-it bar in Alexandria. I should... have taken you up on your offer for a ride but thanks to the two creepy out of towners picking up my bar tab (still perplexed at that one) and the seemingly endless round of Mandarin Orange Vodka and Red Bulls I had a bit more to drink then one possibly should have and I did realize it. I also realized that home ASAP was my best option and a mature decision and I hope you can understand that.

Hopefully we can connect again and next time maybe coffee would be an intelligent option. I know of a great little hole in the wall that is a best kept DC secret and the service isn't that bad either.

That was nice, but I feel like he conveniently forgot to mention his weird offer to go home with me. Maybe he had so many drinks he couldn't figure out that he was the one who asked me that.

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Nikki said...

Heath, this is CRAZY! I have always read those and wondered if they ever worked - how cosmopolitan are you that one was actually posted for you! Even if he was a creep :)