Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wow! Really?

My weekend was pretty normal. I ran errands, vegged out, got a few things done around my apartment and even got to hang out with my friends a bit. The weird part of my weekend happened on Friday night.

I went to a karaoke night with a few of my friends... I didn't sing, just enjoyed the entertainment. I arrived before my friends and ended up feeling stupid at the bar for a bit. These two old guys started talking to me and it was weirdly uncomfortable. They were nice old guys... but #1 I don't date old guys and #2 they had been drinking a bit. There was a tall nerdy guy on the other side of me and I started bringing him into the conversation for safety. I kind of have a thing for tall nerdy guys, so I thought that was an added bonus.

After my friends arrived, tall nerdy guy kept hanging out with me and we chatted a bit. We ended up having a few things in common and I started feeling like hanging out with my friends might have more benefits than just having fun with friends.

When I was tired and ready to go home, tall nerdy guy said he would walk me to my car. We got outside and he asked if I wanted to go get a beer or something.... I reminded him that I was driving. To which he replied that we could go get a water at 7-Eleven... I really didn't know what to say to that one. So I offered to take him to the metro, but he said he wasn't ready to end the evening and would go with me where ever I was headed. I was shocked, but simply said "I'm going back to my home alone." I thought this would have been the normal time for a guy to say something like, "well, I'd really like to see you again, can I give you a call sometime?" But instead he said, "OK, well I'm not really ready to end the evening and I'm going to go back inside." I said, "Alright?!?!? (looking at him like I was saying, WHAT?)" and the said "ok, see you around." And he just said ok... didn't ask for my number or for a date or anything. As if because I wasn't going to take him home with me than there was no reason to see me again? I really wanted to say something to him like, "Hope you have a good time trying to find a stupid, drunk slutty girl!"

Seriously!?! What is it with dudes these days? Did he really think I was going to sleep with him after knowing him for like three hours? I know the answer to that one, it is just super annoying and stupid. And the MOST annoying part of the whole thing was that he wasn't even that cute! What an idiot.


Anonymous said...

hey heath -
ok, i wasnt with you, but i think this is a classic example of girls and guys misunderstading each other. from what you wrote, it sounds as though you both were genuinally enjoying each other's company. when you ready to leave, he asked if you guys could keep on hanging out. as a girl your response makes total sense - you were driving and couldn't drink anymore and you were tired and wanted to go home. so you declined both offers. boys dont hear the common sense side of "no" (well, boys that dont know how to read you yet and arent sure whether you're interested). he probably took it as you rejecting, not the offer, but him. when you said i'm going home...alone, i'm willing to bet he interpreted it as "dont even think you'll ever have a chance." in his mind he had been rejected three times, so he probably figured why risk a further blow by asking for her number? (every guy i have told your story to has said they would have taken it as a final rejection, would have thought you werent interested and wouldnt have pushed the issue)

i'm not saying he wouldnt have turned sex down. but, i think a lot of things we say that seem reasonable to us, come across as rejection to guys that are interested, but not sure if we are.

whew! that was a long 2 cents, but there it is!

ps: i'm not sure what i think about the whole craigslist thing. that freaks me out a bit. be careful!!


HLW said...

No worries, Bri! I'm always glad to get advice. My coworker said the same thing and I could see you guys point... but I guess it is too late now to fix that one. Oh well. It is probably better that way.

I thought the Craigslist thing was slightly weird too. Probably a good thing I never responded.