Friday, June 1, 2007

la Dolce Vita

For anyone who knows me, my love of Italy and Rome, in particular, is no secret. In fact, I fear my family and friends are sick and tired of me talking about the place. I do try to curb my enthusiasm for the Italian culture, food, and men. But occasionally, I am unable to bite my tongue and must gush about the beauty of Italian architecture or the simple pleasure of grabbing a cup of coffee. Especially when someone I know will be traveling to Rome. I can't help myself, it is truly an obsession, a sickness... I don't know what comes over me until after twenty minutes or so of me babbling on, I'll realize that I need to shut up.

My co-worker has a newly formed theory, which she claims might explain my obsession for Rome. She found it in the Washington Post. I'm not too sure about the theory, but I do feel really good when ever I get into Rome and I have returned to Rome a few times....hmmm maybe there is something to that theory.

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