Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What is going on?

In an attempt to make my blog a little more interesting, I've decided to occasionally talk about things I find interesting, funny or annoying in the news. Since my life is pretty mondane at the moment with just work and sleep going on.

So for my first installment:

WASHINGTON -- A judge who is seeking $54 million from a dry cleaner that lost his pants said he is acting in the interests of all D.C. residents.

Seriously?!?!?! What is this world coming to that some out of work pain in the butt judge can sue a Korean dry cleaners for some ridiculous amount of money? I don't like the dry cleaners any more then the next person, but you don't have to sue them for millions. Plus, these poor people obviously don't have that kind of money, they run a freaking dry cleaning business. If they had 54 million dollars they wouldn't be washing your clothes! I heard on the radio today that the family that owns the dry cleaners might have to go back to Korea because of all the money they have had to pay to lawyers to defend themselves.

This jerk with the pants needs to suck it up and buy a new pair of pants. He actually cried in court, like a little sissy! Over Pants!!! If there was an award for crybaby over actors who try to rip people off, he would win. He actually tried to justify his claim by saying that since he didn't own a car he had to rent a car everyday for 14 months ($15,000) so that he could find another dry cleaner. Really? Do you expect anyone to believe that? You could buy a whole new car for that money and who on earth is so stupid that they would rent a car everyday to find a dry cleaners? It's called Dryel, look into it. Really, if that judge is such an anal freak about his stupid suits he should clean them himself.

Not only does this judge not deserve one cent of the money he is asking for, but I think the court should take the rest of his suits and burn them. Just to show him what it feels like to really lose his stupid pants. And then maybe slap him around a bit if he starts to cry.

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