Monday, June 25, 2007


Have you ever had someone say something completely inappropriate or semi-hurtful to your face and your only response is to look at them in shock?

That happened to me this weekend and I had no words, nothing came out of my mouth and I just stood there while the person "insulted" me (it was only an "insult" because they tried to make it sound like a joke, but it wasn't funny). Then I walked away. Of course two hours later I thought of things to say, but it was too late, the moment was over and by that point I was supposed to have forgotten about the comment. And yet, two days later I'm posting something about it. I need to just forget it, move on, and realize that small minded people with nothing else to do will stick their noses into your business or comment on your life to make themselves feel better.

But it still hurt a bit.

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