Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thai drug dogs sacked for 'sexual harassment'

June 10, 2007 - 4:40PM

Two Thai street mutts, Mok and Lai, who became ace sniffer dogs at an airport near the notorious Golden Triangle opium-producing region have been fired for urinating on luggage and sexually harassing female passengers.

"He liked to pee on luggage while searching for drugs inside," Mok's former handler, Police Lieutenant Colonel Jakapop Kamhon, said. "He also liked to hold on to women's legs."

"Both were just as good as foreign dogs trained for use in drug missions," he added. "But they were stray dogs, so their manners were worse than those of foreign breeds."
Mok and Lai now work on a farm, herding chickens and pigs, the paper said.

My favorite part is what the handler says, like peeing on luggage was the natural thing to do while sniffing for drugs. Plus the thing about "holding" the woman's leg, hilarious! I don't know why those ladies were so upset, the dogs were only holding onto them. Gosh!

Those poor mutts were fired for being dogs.

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