Monday, October 8, 2007

Counting Down

The purchase has been made, I've been vaccinated, and even bought a new suitcase (since my last trip saw the demise of my suitcase halfway through lugging it through the Underground in London).

October 19th is the day and now I'm getting all the advice from people. "Don't forget insect repellent, you don't want Malaria," "There are a lot of crimes and murder, be careful," "Don't have unprotected sex, HIV is running rampant there," or "Don't drink the water or eat the food!"

OK, I get it. Going to Africa is not the normal travel destination. But I have done some research people and I do plan on being careful...however, I will probably eat the food. I'm probably choosing the safest route to Africa, by going to South Africa, staying with a friend and following her where ever she says we should go.

I live in DC people, a lot of crime and murder happens here too, apparently. I just stay away from places.


Anonymous said...

dont worry about what people say - you're going to have a great time! of course you have to be careful, but you're exactly right - you have to be careful everywhere!! (i mean, no one should be having unprotected sex - i thought by now that was just a given!!) but come on, charlize theron grew up there - i think you'll be ok!!! enjoy the food, take tons of pics - i want to hear all about it!


HLW said...

Thank you! I felt the same way, especially about the sex thing. I told those people that since I don't have unprotected sex anyways that shouldn't change when I go to a different country!

So yeah, I'm planning on having a great vacation!