Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day Six - Cape Town

Friday night after cage diving, Sara and I went to a local pub to "celebrate" our shark experience. We had loads of fun hanging out, drinking, and dancing with the people at the bar.

Saturday we tried to recover as best as we could in the morning. We went to a farmer's market in Woodstock which had great food and a few crafts. There was a girl at the market who made beautiful purses, I couldn't afford one that day but I think I'm going to order one when I get home.

Saturday night everyone got together to go to some old brewery turned into a night club for a party. Apparently, South Africans are into themed parties. The one we went to was called "Dirty Dirty" and was a post-Apocalyptic theme. It was very interesting to see people's interpretation of that. One guy was wearing a knit cap, stripped tight tank top, 70s style running shorts and bedroom slippers. Clubs in other countries are fun!

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