Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day Three - Cape Town

Yesterday we went to Costantia, which is part of the wine lands of South Africa. We did a tasting and took a walk around the vineyards with the dog. It was a bit chilly but beautiful. The wine was super tasty.

While we were having our wine from the tasting we sat outside on a picnic bench. Across the way was a tour group from China having a really good time (I think the wine effected them a bit). They started to video tape us, then one of the ladies from the group came over to say hello and pose with us for a picture. It was funny and strange. Now when those people go home to show people their videos, their friends are going to wonder who the random white people are with the wine.

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Sarah Lynn said...

I am loving reading about your trip. It sounds so fun and beautiful. I really hope you are taking LOTS of pictures. Enjoy the rest of your visit and keep posting.