Friday, October 26, 2007

Day Four and Five - Cape Town

Thursday we didn't do to much during the day, it was great! First we went to lunch in Cape Town and were going to walk around afterwards, but it was so nice outside we decided to go back to Sara's house and lay out by the pool. Then Sara, Mattias and I went to one of their friend's apartments on Long Street and had a braai. Which is a South African barbeque, pretty much the same as back home, but more fun to say. We went home after and got to bed early since the next day we had to get up.

Today I survived Shark Cage Diving!! Sara and I went out to Kleinbaai and swam with the fishes... or rather sharks. I got a bit sea sick, but I didn't let that stop me from getting into the cage and watching the sharks. The water was a bit murky, so I don't think my underwater pictures look so great. But I did take a lot more pictures from the boat and I think those came out ok. I thought that I would be scared, but I actually wasn't. The sharks weren't like in Jaws or anything. They were very graceful and seemed to not even care that we were around. Except for the fact that the crew kept throwing fish parts into the water.

We had heard that the cage diving thing was a bit controversal and that surfers thought it would have sharks associate food with people. But one of the crew, who was a surfer, said that it was actually a good way for people to understand that sharks aren't super aggresive and they are nomadic, so wouldn't be in the same place for long enough to have the food/people association. Which made me feel better, so I could cage dive with my conscience free.

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