Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blades of Glory

Last Friday I saw Will Ferrell and that guy from Napoleon Dynamite in spandex! It was hilarious if not the gay version of The Cutting Edge. After I got over the image of two guys figure skating together and Will Ferrell in a gold leotard, it was super funny. Hilly and I were laughing and then getting grossed out. I used to watch a lot of figure skating growing up, had the Dorothy Hamill haircut (I know, stop laughing), I even got to meet Peggy Flemming when I was little (it was super exciting), I even own The Cutting Edge.... I feel like I'm introducing myself at Figure Skating Fans Anonymous or something. Anyways, my point is that I like figure skating, but I like to make fun of it even more. My friend, Shalena, used to love coming over to my parent's house during the Winter Olympics when we were younger because she was not allowed to cheer when someone fell or made a complete fool of themselves during their performance. My parents, on the other hand, encouraged any sort of competitive behavior, even if meant calling ice skaters fat or praying they would do a nose dive into the judges. So to sum up, Blades of Glory was hilarious and completely satisfied my competitive edge.

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