Monday, April 23, 2007

Growing Up?

My friend Anne asked that for her birthday this year we forgo the drunken nightlife and strive for a more sophisticated, mature Sunday Brunch atmosphere.

Being good friends, we all decided screw that, we want some laughs. So we proceeded to talk her boyfriend (the Planner) into the Perry's Drag Queen Brunch in Adam's Morgan.

Here is Anne cheesing it up with her singles we provided her. Otherwise she would not have been able to tip the "ladies" and get many pictures.

We had an awesome time and there were many, many laughs to be had. I couldn't even finish most of my delicious food because my stomach hurt too much.

Most of my pictures are a bit too racy, but here are a few I can actually post.

There was a table of elderly ladies who were living it up, Kristen grabbed a "boob" and "Shakira" even made an appearance! It was a party to remember forever.

I don't think Anne will forget it either!

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