Saturday, April 7, 2007

Like a Virgin Again!

I'm starting a blog and feeling a little nervous that I might not have enough stories or cool things to talk about. Maybe no one will ever read my posts. Maybe I'll have too many funny stories to pick which ones to write about. I doubt it, but I do have weird things happen to me. I have other friends who have gone before me and I'm inspired to start something for myself. Part because I will be 30 in less than 8 days and maybe part because I wish I wrote fun things for a living.So here it goes, my first blog entry. And like the Great Madonna says in her song, I feel like a virgin... you know how it goes. For anyone who ever reads this and doesn't know me (I'm not expecting any of you, so don't expect an intro), welcome and I'm sure that as long as I'm able to keep up the blog you will figure out what I'm like through them.I don't have much going on at the moment in my little life: work, hanging out with friends, my family and my cats. I'm single for the time being and hoping not to turn into the Crazy Cat Lady, but fearing it might be too late since I own two cats. Gosh, I truely hope I'm not a Cat Lady! Not to brag, but soon my little life will get a bit more exciting. I'll be celebrating my 30th with my sisters in Europe. I'm sure to have some stories after that!So there is me in a nutshell and hopefully not the worst start to a blog in history!

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